Crystal meth, ice or simply meth is one of the most addictive stimulants on the drug market today. It provides a quick but intense high of euphoria and energy. Like other addictive drugs, this one stimulates the brain’s reward center. This makes stopping your drug use extremely difficult, also making it essential that you enter a quality meth addiction rehab.

Meth is hard to quit. Trying to stop using it by going cold turkey at home is uncomfortable at best and dangerous for most. Your body and brain go through so many changes quickly after quitting meth use that you need medical supervision for detox. But in a medical detox center in Corona, CA, you stay safe and well-cared-for throughout your withdrawal.

Types of Meth Addiction Rehab

Woman in desperate need of meth addiction rehabMeth addiction rehab takes multiple forms. That is, you have a choice of levels of care. These levels of care meet the specific needs of individuals according to each person’s history of addiction and other factors. You find out which level of care suits your needs best when you go through an addiction assessment, the intake process, and insurance verification.

Your insurance company does not want to pay for a higher level of care than you actually need. But this works out well for getting into the right program that is the right fit, as opposed to wasting money on services or amenities you do not need. The good news? All of the care levels offer the same quality of therapies and treatments, just at different degrees of intensity.

In your meth addiction rehab center in Corona, CA, you have options for treatment.

Meth addiction rehab treatment options include:

  • Extended care (90 day) programs
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient
  • Outpatient programs
  • Holistic treatment

Some meth addiction rehab programs offer evening options for treatment, too.

What Happens in Meth Rehab?

Your rehab treatment plan forms around your unique needs. But in your meth addiction rehab center in Corona, CA, you can connect to resources needed for real recovery. These resources include:

Of course, these treatment options vary from rehab to rehab. But a quality rehab center provides these services as part of each level of care.

Another critical option for your meth addiction rehab treatment is to enter a gender-specific treatment program. Men’s rehab programs enable you to get the help you need in a trusting, safe environment. This safety comes from feeling secure and more confident in talking about your most deep-seated issues without being in mixed company. This means you achieve more significant healing in these programs since you feel freer to speak about problems men experience and you experienced in your lifetime.

Who Benefits from Meth Rehab Programs?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, up to 11 million Americans have used meth. The Drug Enforcement Administration uncovered and destroyed over 9900 meth labs in 2014, alone. These meth labs make getting the drug in America quite easy, as it infiltrates every American community coast-to-coast.

With meth being so widely available, many people need treatment. If you use meth, you can benefit from this treatment, too. You just need to recognize signs of dependence on the drug or full-blown addiction.

Signs of needing meth treatment include continuing to use the drug despite knowing it causes damage in your life. Maybe you experience legal problems, work difficulties, school difficulties, or extreme physical changes because of the drug. The drug also causes sleeplessness, long periods of crashing to sleep, oral health problems, and relationship damage.

Realizing you need help is a big first step. But the next step is equally important. You need to reach out to a quality meth addiction rehab, to get the help you need for a better future. So call Ridgeview Recovery now at 855.463.5505 to learn about meth rehab for men, available therapies, and levels of care created for men seeking long-lasting recovery.