Did you believe them when they said that weed was a benign substance? They were wrong. Now, you struggle with dependency. However, Ridgeview Recovery offers marijuana addiction rehab to men just like you.

Marijuana is an Addictive Drug

Man who is in need of marijuana addiction rehabMarijuana gradually changes the ways your endocannabinoid neurotransmitters function. They become dependant on the presence of the THC in your system. Without it, there’s an imbalance. Depending on your habit, then it may result in withdrawal symptoms.

However, this isn’t just one man’s opinion. The National Institute on Drug Abuse cites research that shows a marijuana disorder rate of 30%. About 9% of people will develop a dependency. If you started using the drug in your teens, then this rate climbs to 17%.

What Addiction to Weed Looks Like

Ridgeview Recovery offers the addiction therapy services in Corona, CA men can trust. Our therapists routinely work with adults who experience withdrawal if they don’t use marijuana. Possible symptoms include mood swings, anxiety, intense cravings, as well as an inability to relax. Your thoughts keep going back to taking the next hit.

You want to keep smoking it even if it causes problems with loved ones or at work. Similarly, you rationalize using the drug. Because it feels weird to be without it, you relapse. That’s why therapists at our marijuana addiction rehab can offer the assistance you need to quit.

How Marijuana Addiction Rehab Works

Because people have such a lax attitude toward weed, it’s hard to see it as an addictive substance. But science doesn’t lie. Besides that, you know how you feel right now. You realize that weed took over.

It controls your daily life. You also focus constantly on buying and using the drug. Everything else comes second. However, it’s not fun or about the high any longer.

Ridgeview Recovery therapists customize your marijuana addiction rehab experience to meet your unique needs. It starts with treatment delivery. Choices include:

  • Residential care that lets you focus on immersing yourself in a therapeutic environment away from home
  • Extended care as a tool for taking the time you need to heal from dependency
  • Partial hospitalization that encourages sober living at home and full-time therapy attendance
  • Intensive outpatient program participation, which benefits men who caught the addiction early
  • Aftercare as a tool for helping you remain sober after program graduation

Of course, there’s more to marijuana addiction rehab than just the care model. There are therapeutic interventions that empower personal growth. Examples include:

  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that looks for disconnects in coping mechanisms and creates healthy connections
  • Dialectical behavior therapy as a tool for gaining control over intense emotions in high-stress situations
  • Trauma treatment, which helps you process as-of-yet improperly processed events from your past
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for underlying mental health conditions such as depression, bipolar, or anxiety disorder
  • Group therapy, which enables you to build self-esteem and receive peer counseling and motivation
  • Recreational treatment as a way to practice teamwork and interact with others outside of substance abuse

Why Family Therapy Matters

Do your loved ones know about your struggles? You may have tried to hide the habit from them. Maybe you played down your weed use. They thought you had things under control.

It may surprise them to learn that you developed a dependency. Besides that, they may not understand the marijuana is actually an addictive drug. Family counseling enables open communication. It also allows for drug education that helps loved ones know what you’re struggling with.

Therefore, everyone’s on the same page. Loved ones learn how to support your recovery efforts. They also recognize how to prevent enabling you in the future. Most importantly, family therapy often bonds loved ones and begins repairs to problematic relationships.

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

One of society’s biggest lies is that men don’t need help. Next, there’s the notion that weed’s a harmless herb. If it hooked you, you need help. And Ridgeview Recovery’s here to provide it to you.

Connect with an intake specialist today to undergo an insurance verification. It’ll tell you how much your insurance will pay toward your marijuana addiction rehab. In fact, call Ridgeview Recovery at 855.463.5505 right now to schedule an appointment!