Everyone in America likely knows something about the heroin epidemic we face as a nation today. Many men suffering in this epidemic started abusing heroin after first using prescription painkillers. Regardless of how the addiction began, the only healthy way out of it is through a mens heroin addiction treatment center. In Corona, California, Ridgeview Recovery provides this treatment for men seeking a better future.

About Heroin Addiction

Man smiles again thanks to a mens heroin addiction treatment centerHeroin addiction is not something you aspire to suffer. No one does, yet so many men currently face this problem every day. You knew the drug is both illegal and highly addictive, yet something in you made you try it that first time, anyway. Now you find yourself needing help from a mens heroin addiction treatment center, yet still hoping you can avoid needing the substance abuse treatment Corona CA offers.

There is no avoiding your need for mens heroin rehab. Without the help received in the quality mens heroin addiction treatment Corona CA offers, you risk death from overdose or a wide range of other health problems linked to your drug use. So how did you get to this place and what kind of help do you need?

Maybe you suffered other addictions before heroin and one day tried this extremely dangerous option. Or perhaps you used heroin to self-medicate problems in your life, trying to feel better or avoid issues you routinely face. These root causes of your drug use require attention from the mens heroin addiction treatment Corona CA supplies. In mens heroin rehab, you need to find out why you picked up heroin that first time and how to avoid ever using it again.

Reasons why people abuse heroin vary, such as in seeking the drug’s immense feelings of joy, its calming effects or confidence it briefly brings. Others use it out of necessity, particularly after addiction to prescription painkillers. Heroin is the less expensive option for these highly addictive medications. It also proves easier to obtain on the streets.

Effects of Abusing Heroin

Unfortunately, heroin’s high is no real escape from problems. Instead, using the drug brings its own ill effects. While still high, you start feeling uncomfortable symptoms like vomiting, nausea, itching, sleepiness, slowed breathing, and dry mouth. Your heart rate slows, and you experience mental fog.

If you keep using your drug, you suffer long term effects, such as liver and kidney disease. You also wear signs of your use, such as needle marks, bruises where you inject and extreme weight loss. Your skin looks terrible, the veins collapse and your hygiene suffers. Overall, life loses its color, and you find yourself chasing more of your drug to avoid symptoms of growing depression.

As you continue in your cycle of drug seeking and drug use, you fear what could happen next. Any day and with any dose, you could experience overdose and the end of your life. Yet you still pick up your drug and smoke, snort or inject it regularly. You need to ask yourself why you do this and then get the help you need for a better life.

Do not let the fear of heroin withdrawal effects keep you from entering a mens heroin addiction treatment center. In fact, withdrawal is never as bad as your life today. Acute detox only lasts a week to 10 days and a mens heroin rehab can help you work past triggers and cravings for your drug. More importantly, detox and rehab in the mens heroin addiction treatment Corona CA offers can save your life.

What You Need from a Mens Heroin Addiction Treatment Center in Corona

The help you need from a mens heroin addiction treatment center in Corona, California includes an array of therapies and programs. These methods used at Ridgeview Recovery help you learn how to stop using your drug and avoid returning to it in the future. You build life and coping skills and learn ways of overcoming triggers and temptations. All of this treatment takes place alongside other men seeking the same help and a brighter future, as you do.

Programs and therapies important for your recovery include:

  • Residential, PHP, IOP, and OP programs
  • Medical detox
  • Aftercare
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individual counseling
  • Trauma therapy

Everything you need for a better life after heroin addiction comes from the help you receive at Ridgeview Recovery, a mens heroin addiction treatment center in Corona, CA. All you need to do is to call Ridgeview Recovery now at 855.463.5505. Make this call to talk to caring professionals who understand your struggles with heroin and desire for a better life.