As you consider options for your best rehab treatment and recovery, try to keep an open mind. This includes openness toward a variety of therapies, methods, and programs, such as a 12 step program. While many people feel unsure about the 12 steps and whether they suit individual needs, most find some benefit to these structured support methods. You will see that 12 step groups provide strength and an excellent resource beyond rehab, including healthy social support.

A Big Myth about the 12 Step Program

Man speaks to his friend about the benefits of a 12 step programOne of the biggest myths and roadblocks for many people, when it comes to a 12 step program, is the connection to a Higher Power these programs foster. Your Higher Power does not have to match anyone else’s. You do not need to practice a religion, nor do you need to name a God. Your Higher Power is what you choose to focus on for motivation and strength.

When you attend a 12 step program in Corona CA or elsewhere, you do not have to go to a church. Nor do you have to pray in front of others. There is no disclosure of individual Higher Powers or pressure to pursue any faith. Your Higher Power can be Nature, resilience, the universe, fate or whatever you choose as a guiding light for your recovery.

Where the 12 step program in Corona CA helps you is through its built-in support system and sober socialization. People need people for strength, whether we like to admit this or not. When you feel secure, you support others in your group. When you feel weakened by your addiction, you gain the immediate support you need.

Ideally, having this personal foundation of support keeps you from falling into a relapse or other significant life problems of recovery. Using the 12 steps gives you a structure to use as a guide for healthy, lasting recovery. After all, these methods have worked for millions upon millions of people since the 1950s. The 12 steps extend your program and the treatment you gain in your residential addiction treatment program in Corona CA.

Attending a 12 Step Program for Recovery

For your best chance of long term sobriety and the tools needed to build a better life, you need detox, rehab and a range of therapies. Among these therapies comes the support you also need from peers, counselors, professionals and your loved ones. During rehab treatment at Ridgeview Recovery, you also gain access to a 12 step program in Corona CA.

If you choose only to attend a 12 step program, you do not get the well-rounded treatment, therapies or family counseling you need for a healthy future. So your best chance for long term recovery comes from taking part in the best of all of these methods in one program at Ridgeview Recovery.

When you learn the 12 steps and start practicing them in your rehab environment, these become second nature before leaving treatment. Then returning home feels safer, more relaxed and naturally supported. In every community coast-to-coast, you gain access to 12 step program support groups. So these groups work well as part of your aftercare and sober connections.

Your 12 Steps and Other Treatment Methods at Ridgeview Recovery

At Ridgeview Recovery in Corona, CA, you receive a range of therapies and treatments that start in detox and continue through rehab and aftercare. All of these methods form the foundation for your healthy recovery. They also work well with the 12 steps, for helping you keep your eyes on sobriety and your life goals after rehab.

Ridgeview Recovery’s treatments, therapies, and programs include:

  • Detox
  • Extended residential 90-day rehab
  • PHP, IOP, OP and aftercare programs
  • Evening intensive outpatient rehab
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Trauma therapy
  • Individual therapy

You can enjoy healthy sobriety for the long term, as you achieve the life goals you have for recovery. All you need is the right mix of therapies, treatments, and a 12 step program. So take the next steps toward your new life by calling Ridgeview Recovery in Corona, CA now at 855.463.5505.