When it comes to accepting your problems and getting treatment for addiction, the process is not always smooth. Ridgeview Recovery Center works hard to facilitate this process in order to provide clients with the treatment they need. We strive to make resources about our substance abuse treatment programs readily available so that patients know what to expect. Cost is one of the bigger hurdles people face when looking for treatment. At Ridgeview, we can also help you get through the insurance verification process in order to find an affordable payment option. Read on to learn more about the options available to you.


Enrolling in Ridgeview Recovery Center

Undergoing addiction therapy services at Ridgeview Recovery Center is one of the best ways to ensure a lasting recovery. Unfortunately, all over America a majority of the people with a substance abuse issue never actually get any form of rehab treatment. For this reason, extending our help to as many people as possible is our ultimate goal. By providing insurance verification services for our potential clients we offer a twofold benefit. Insurance verification becomes one less thing for the client to worry about when they are typically already dealing with a lot. Second, most consumers have limited experience in negotiating with an insurance company. At Ridgeview Recovery Center, we take it upon ourselves to procure the best possible coverage on behalf of our patients.


Why Insurance Verification Is So Important

Not too long ago, insurance companies would not cover treatment for any sort of substance abuse or addiction. These were not considered to be under the umbrella of health conditions that they covered. This is no longer the case and insurers must extend the same coverage they currently provide you with for standard medical procedures to rehab treatments as well. While this is beneficial, it does mean that your exact coverage will depend on the specifics of your plan.

Ridgeview Recovery Center offers our insurance verification services in order to ensure that you get the full degree of coverage you are eligible for. Upon entering our center most people are in the midst of their addiction struggles. It’s imperative each client focuses on recovering and nothing else. We deal with the insurance companies for this very reason. The last thing you need to worry about is speaking with an insurance agent. Let Ridgeview Recovery handle that.


What Type of Rehab Coverage Am I Eligible For?

Your exact level of insurance coverage will depend on the plan that you have. Better plans will cover more treatments, longer stays, and better centers. Regardless of the level of insurance you have or the company you are insured by, Ridgeview Recovery’s insurance verification process can find you an affordable treatment plan. Therapy options we offer that you may be eligible for include:

Don’t let the fear of costs or lack of coverage prevent you from seeking the essential addiction treatment you need. The insurance verification you get through Ridgeview Recovery Center could surprise you. Find out what you’re eligible for and get started with your recovery today! Call us at 855.463.5505 to speak with a staff member about your options!

We do not accept MediCAL or Medicaid.