One of the most tragic events in alcohol or drug addiction recovery is a relapse. For some, relapse proves deadly. Others suffer the damages of substance abuse again and then need repeated treatment. But through a quality relapse prevention program at Ridgeview Recovery, men like you or your loved one can put addiction in the past for good.

The old saying goes, “No man is an island.” This is true in addiction recovery, just like in many other aspects of life. When you go through Ridgeview Recovery treatment, you learn relapse prevention from behavioral specialists and certified counselors who know what it takes to stay sober. Through their support and guidance as part of a relapse prevention program, you can achieve long term sobriety for the life you want.

Why Do I Need a Relapse Prevention Program?

Patients discussing their relapse prevention programYou need to learn about relapse prevention in Corona CA because these methods work to help you stay sober. Without knowing what relapse looks like or how to prevent it, you face repeated attempts to stop abusing drugs or alcohol. You possibly even face deadly overdose or other damages of relapse, despite great hope for staying sober.

What is more tragic than enjoying a wonderful new life for a period of time, only to fall again to addiction? To give yourself real hope for staying sober, based on a solid foundation of proven methods, then you need a relapse prevention program. This program includes coping skills for overcoming triggers and temptations well before you reach for your drugs or a drink.

Let’s face it, relapse is exhausting. It emotionally, physically and mentally drains you and everyone who loves you. But you can reduce your chances of a first, second or subsequent relapse by learning tools and tactics for staying sober. This is why you need rehab beyond your treatment in a medical detox center Corona CA offers.

What Do I Learn in a Relapse Prevention Program?

In your relapse prevention in Corona CA, you learn how to recognize the triggers, thoughts, and events that lead to drug or alcohol cravings. You also learn skills for self-assessment, to diagnose your recovery strength. This helps you know what you truly need to stop your thoughts of drinking or using again. Relapse prevention in Corona CA at Ridgeview Recovery also gives you the tools to fix the root problem and get back on track in healthy, stable recovery.

Relapse prevention also includes the development of a relapse prevention plan. This plan helps you avoid triggers and temptations that lead to your substance abuse. You learn how not to justify a relapse, something many men do after treatment. You also focus on setting recovery goals and staying on track toward the achievement of those.

In your relapse prevention, you free yourself from toxic thoughts and beliefs that led to your substance abuse in the past. You learn healthier thought patterns and put those into practice. This level of relapse prevention often takes place in behavioral therapy or individual counseling. Once you see how your thoughts affect your behaviors, you stop the momentum to relapse and turn things around.

Stress plays a significant role in relapse. So you learn to handle stress using new coping skills effectively. You also learn other stress reduction techniques, to prevent the build-up of this pressure in the first place. Stress reduction includes a range of methods. They include ensuring you get good nutrition to physical fitness, relaxation techniques, and therapy to heal past wounds.

Where Relapse Prevention Begins

Your relapse prevention begins in detox and rehab treatment. You never stop using your techniques or plan, no matter how long you enjoy sobriety. This permanent part of your new life is one of the basic pillars of quality rehab treatment. The substance abuse treatment programs and therapies provided at Ridgeview Recovery in Corona CA include:

  • Detox, PHP, IOP, OP, and extended care 90-day rehab
  • Treatment for men ages 18 and up
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individual therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Behavioral therapies
  • Aftercare and family program

Call Ridgeview Recovery now at 855.463.5505 to learn more about your relapse prevention program in Corona, CA. You can maintain healthy sobriety for your lifetime, with the right support, treatment, and education. Start learning more about relapse prevention now by making this call your priority, for the brighter future you want after rehab.