Group therapy is one of the multiple types of therapy you receive in addiction treatment. But the group setting provides unique benefits when compared to other types of therapy. It helps you recover in ways other therapies do not, exposing you to other people, relationships and experiences you cannot have when alone in one-on-one talk therapy.

Although most people feel nervous about group therapy in Corona, CA at first, you learn to enjoy these sessions as opportunities to explore subjects and experiences with your peers. You build new relationships in group therapy. You benefit from the confidential sharing of personal needs, hopes, and dreams these meetings provide. In fact, you feel free to talk about things you possibly would not even share in individual counseling or family therapy in Corona, CA.

What is Group Therapy?the hands and legs of a circle of people in group therapy

Group counseling uniquely treats mental health disorders and addiction as one of the multiple types of counseling you need to achieve your healthiest lifestyle. This therapy program involves multiple sessions, usually occurring daily or weekly over the span of a limited number of weeks. One of the benefits of being in a group is knowing your peers share the same life problems or health issues that you face.

Being in a group provides you with an automatic peer group for mutual support. You listen to your peers’ struggles, providing advice and support as they need it. They do the same for you, as the group explores options for working through specific problems one or more group members face. You learn from your peers, in that you can use their successes or setbacks as templates for your own behavior, actions, and life choices.

Group therapy in Corona, CA takes place in multiple types of settings. These include:

Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy helps you in many ways that other therapies do not. Simply having a venue of interaction with other people dealing with addiction helps you open up about your feelings and release burdens from your mind. You see you are not alone in your struggles and build self-confidence and self-esteem by talking with others about recovery, past trauma, and other experiences. By sharing your thoughts and feelings, you reduce your stress, guilt, and pain.

Group therapy also helps you learn how to live your new life. You learn how to stop engaging in damaging behaviors, develop new coping skills and practice healthier ways of living. Because the therapist in your group therapy in Corona, CA moderates the group, you grow as part of each session. You also gain a better understanding of yourself as you make measurable progress.

Do Group Sessions Work for Recovery from Addiction?

Although group counseling alone does not enable full recovery from addiction, few types of therapy offer you greater promise for healthy recovery. These sessions help you focus on healing your anxiety, withdrawal, depression, and other aspects of your mental health problems and addiction.

Going to group therapy as part of PHP, IOP, and OP programs keeps you connected to your rehab environment and programs. You also stay in contact with your treatment professionals, particularly your group therapist. With this ongoing daily, multi-weekly or weekly interaction, you do not feel alone in your recovery. Group gives you a stable and reliable venue for maintaining your recovery momentum.  It’s also helpful with practicing what you learn while continuing to live your life outside of a rehab center.

Finding Quality Group Treatment in Southern CA

In Corona, California, you gain access to group and other types of therapy. These are key to your overall recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. You also receive the quality of dual diagnosis treatment you need for a stable and fulfilling future in recovery. Corona, CA treatment programs for men include:

  • Men’s medical detox
  • PHP, IOP and OP rehab programs
  • Extended care 90-day program and aftercare
  • Trauma-informed care and trauma therapy
  • Individual, group and family therapy
  • Sober airport transportation

You are not alone in your journey to recovery from addiction and mental health problems. At Ridgeview Recovery in Corona, CA, you achieve the wellness you need to successfully cope with life stress, past trauma, and all your future offers. You owe it to yourself to seek the men’s rehab treatment that understands your past, present, and future. Call Ridgeview Recovery now at 855.463.5505 to learn more about available programs including group therapy in Corona, CA.