The personal damage that a drug user experiences to their life is almost always devastating. It usually capsulizes their physical health as well as components of their everyday life, including work and relationships. Of course, it’s the damage the drug or alcohol addiction does to the relationships that warrants the most attention. These are the loved ones that suffer collateral damage as well as have to face despair as they watch the user suffer on their own. Therefore, it’s this high level of collateral damage that makes family therapy an essential component of addiction treatment.

What is Family Therapy?

During the addiction treatment process, the client spends a lot of time in individual therapy. The individual aspect of treatment is a time for self-discovery. The client is looking for the causes of their addiction, which will then hopefully lead to some critical solutions. The client might also participate in group therapy sessions where they will learn about the importance of support resources.

As important as individual and group therapy sessions are to the treatment process, and family therapy also holds an important place as well. As the client soon learns in treatment, support resources are critical to their ability to avoid relapses. In many situations, the best possible support resource is help from family and friends. The problem is these types of relationships often need mending.

In our Ridgeview Recovery relapse prevention Corona CA classes, we heavily promote the importance of family in recovery. Our family therapy in Corona CA targets the rebuilding of family relationships for the benefit of anyone who wants help.

This particular aspect of treatment delves into the dynamics of the family. It seeks to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the family unit. In turn, the process then attempts to use the family’s strengths to help mend the family’s weaknesses. This usually involves addressing issues with communication between family members. The method also seeks to identify issues regarding co-dependence and victimization. Piece-by-piece, the counselor will also help the family put everything back together for the benefit of the client who desperately needs family support.

Education is the other component of the family therapy process. It’s the counselor’s job to make sure family members walk away from therapy with a better understanding of addiction. With more understanding, family members will likely be in a better position to help when necessary.

The Benefits of Family Therapy

Everything we do at Ridgeview Recovery we do for a particular reason. The ultimate goal of family treatment is giving the client a vital support resource to help them through recovery. We have designed our family therapy in Corona CA to provide the client with certain long-term benefits. The list of benefits include:

  • Improvement in the communication process between key family members
  • Helping to identify and eliminate co-dependent behavior that’s harmful to the client
  • Providing the basis for family members to openly share their feelings
  • Improving the family’s knowledge about addiction and how it affects their loved one
  • Helping to resolve deep-rooted family issues
  • Helping to rebuild trust and confidence within the family unit
  • Reducing the risk of relapses by resolving family conflicts

Other Treatment Options at Ridgeview Recovery

Beyond our focus on family therapy, we also provide an extensive list of different addiction treatment services. From detox through access to our aftercare resources, clients can get whatever they need while under our care. Our treatment focuses on behavioral treatment methods. We seek to identify harmful behaviors and subsequently provide the client with the coping skills they will need for relapse prevention. Our menu of services includes:

  • Extended inpatient care
  • Outpatient and intensive outpatient care
  • Partial hospitalization
  • Dual diagnosis treatment for co-existing conditions
  • Trauma therapy

If you or a loved one are feeling the stress addiction causes within the family, help is available for all of you. A good family therapy program could be all it takes to mend fences and bring the family back together. In that regard, Ridgeview Recovery would love to help with that essential process. For information about how to start the recovery process, please call us at 855.463.5505.