Dual diagnosis refers to the presence of addiction alongside a mental health disorder. Examples might include depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, as well as personality disorders. Men in need of help frequently don’t know where to turn in these situations. That’s why Ridgeview Recovery stepped into the gap and offers the type of mental health and addiction treatment you need for long-term recovery.

Men Experience a Dual Diagnosis Different from Women

Man learns about his options for dual diagnosis treatmentAs a dual diagnosis treatment center in Corona, CA, Ridgeview Recovery therapists understand men. For example, we know that you loathe the notion of sitting in a talk therapy session with the tissues out. Besides that, we know that you’re looking for actionable answers. You don’t just need to talk.

That’s why we offer treatment from a man’s perspective for men’s needs. Therapists build on your innate strengths. Similarly, they focus on the needs you experience right now. From there, they then help you chart a course to personal development that eases you away from substance abuse.

Detoxification Starts the Process

Before the healing can begin, you need to quit abusing the drug. Whether its prescriptions, alcohol, street drugs, or a mix thereof, detox is the starting point of treatment. You safely stop using the drug. Don’t worry about withdrawal symptoms.

At the mens drug rehab center in Riverside County, CA counts on, therapists offer medications. These prescriptions ease withdrawal symptoms, curb cravings, and take away the pain. Most importantly, they keep you comfortable as you undergo care. One morning, you wake up without the symptoms.

Rehab Focuses on Addiction and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Now’s the time to move over to the clinical portion of care. Therapists pinpoint the nature of your dual diagnosis. Perhaps you have self-medicated for depression. It’s possible that you took stimulants just to keep going. Then again, you may struggle with anxiety. To help you be around people, you numbed yourself by abusing alcohol. For a while, it took the edge off. You felt like you could handle the symptoms.

Some men struggle with PTSD. You don’t have to be a combat veteran to have unresolved trauma in your life. Intrusive thoughts and emotions were driving you crazy. You took drugs to quiet them for a while. Of course, drugs make everything worse. They don’t help you deal with the condition. Instead, they add a chemical dependency to the mix. Ridgeview Recovery is the dual diagnosis treatment center Corona CA turns to for healing.

Therapists customize a care protocol for you. Possible treatments include:

  • Dialectical behavior therapy as a tool for pinpointing overwhelmingly strong emotions you need to check
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy that helps you replace dysfunction with suitable coping mechanisms
  • Psychotherapy to manage the underlying mental health disorder
  • Trauma treatment that focuses on processing the past with healthy coping skills
  • Experiential therapies, which help you develop social and life skills for lifelong sobriety

Treatment Delivery Options

There’s little doubt that men struggling with a dual diagnosis do well in a residential treatment program. Because Ridgeview Recovery offers detox onsite, your transition to rehab’s seamless. Therefore, you have a low chance of early relapse. Most importantly, you have the support you need around the clock.

Many men complete this program in about 30 days. However, some need a little extra time. For example, some co-occurring mental health challenges may be more challenging to manage. That’s why we offer an extended 90-day program.

If you don’t want to live at the facility and have a strong support network, consider partial hospitalization. You spend the full day at the rehab center, but you return home at night. It’s an intensive care option even though it’s a step down from residential care.

An intensive outpatient program is an excellent entry point for a man with a moderate addiction. If you caught the condition early, you might benefit from a part-time approach to rehab. Similarly, it’s a great way of stepping down care after graduating from the residential program.

Enroll in Treatment Today

You don’t have to continue suffering from a dual diagnosis that makes daily life challenging. Reach out for help to Ridgeview Recovery therapists who understand what you’re facing. Call 855.463.5505 to schedule an appointment.