Dialectic behavioral therapy (DBT) is a counseling method based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It teaches you how to cope with stress in healthy ways, regulate your emotions, build healthy relationships, and live mindfully. When you seek treatment for addiction at Ridgeview Recovery, you receive this therapy along with multiple other behavioral counseling methods.

Who Dialectic Behavioral Therapy Helps

Man opens up during his dialectic behavioral therapyPeople with personality disorders were the first clients treated using DBT. As they showed real life improvement, therapists tried the methods on people suffering from other mental and behavioral disorders. DBT works well for anyone behaving self-destructively on an ongoing basis, such as through substance abuse or eating disorders. It also helps people with PTSD.

If you suffer addiction and seek treatment, dialectic behavioral therapy in Corona CA offers real promise for a more stable and enriching future. You learn to focus on what matters most, not the stress of the moment. You stop thinking in terms of “what if” and start living mindfully in the moment. This therapy helps you repair and improve relationships, such as those damaged through the course of your addiction.

A quality men’s residential addiction treatment program Corona CA trusts offer dialectic behavioral therapy, CBT, and trauma therapy as guided by masters level therapists. That treatment program is Ridgeview Recovery. There, you also receive individual counseling, group therapy, and family therapy.

Basics of Dialectic Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral therapists created dialectic behavioral therapy on three rules. These rules state that all things connect. They also affirm that change is constant and will happen. You learn how opposites work together to form a more accurate truth.

These rules relate to your therapy, in that you work with your therapist to bridge self-acceptance to change so that you can create positive changes in your life. Dialectic behavioral therapy in Corona CA also uses validation to help you feel comfortable in making changes. Your therapist enables you to see how your actions make sense, although better ways of handling things exist. You do not suffer judgment for negative behaviors, but learn how options to those behaviors make life easier.

DBT takes place in many settings. You learn some skills in a classroom-like group setting. Your therapist assigns homework. You also work with peers in role play to learn better social skills.

In individual sessions, you learn how to add excellent behavioral skills from the group into your own life. DBT can be used to a variety of substance abuse issues including heroin addiction. You also receive one-on-one coaching for help in getting through tough moments or situations.

Four Strategies of DBT

Dialectic behavioral therapy in Corona CA uses four strategies. These include:

  • Mindfulness
  • Distress tolerance
  • Interpersonal effectiveness
  • Emotion regulation

Mindfulness with DBT is like other mindfulness options, focusing on the moment and living in the present. You learn to accept yourself and your current circumstances through distress tolerance. Distress tolerance also teaches you how to survive difficult times using methods of distraction, self-soothing, improvement of movement, and considering pros and cons.

Interpersonal effectiveness involves learning how to assert yourself in a relationship while also keeping the relationship healthy and positive. You recognize and cope with your difficult emotions like anger in DBT, as part of emotional regulation. In this, you also increase your positive emotional experiences while also reducing your emotional vulnerability.

Your Therapies Work Together in Addiction Treatment

Your therapies work together as part of a well-rounded addiction treatment program at Ridgeview Recovery. Although DBT and other methods seem confusing and complex, in rehab, they feel like talking, role-playing, and other activities. But you learn things you otherwise might never learn. These lessons include how to manage your life more effectively and stop using drugs or alcohol to cope.

Other programs and therapies you need for recovery include:

  • Men’s residential rehab
  • General detox
  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individual therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Evening IOP and aftercare

Talk to a caring counselor at Ridgeview Recovery now to learn more about dialectic behavioral therapy and other methods applied as part of an individual treatment plan. Call 855.463.5505 to talk about available Corona, CA programs, as well as how recovery begins with the right help.