Men in need of drug rehab frequently don’t know where to turn. Society tells them to be self-sufficient. However, Ridgeview Recovery therapists warn that addiction’s a disease that needs professional addiction treatment. One of the most effective interventions is cognitive behavioral therapy.

Changing Behaviors at the Root

Woman speaks to her therapist during cognitive behavioral therapyChemical dependency is rarely about the drug itself. It’s not the high you’re after. Rather, there are underlying reasons that lead you to numb yourself or use stimulants. There are itches that you need to scratch.

Cognitive behavioral therapy believes that there’s dysfunction in the way your actions, emotions, and thoughts interact. Therapists recognize that replacing dysfunction with healthy coping mechanisms reduces the psychological need. Therefore, you eradicate a root cause of dependency.

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Works

Ridgeview Recovery is the residential addiction treatment program Corona CA trusts. Men enroll in our program because they know that we customize care for each client. To be clear, cognitive behavioral therapy in Corona CA is talk therapy. You meet with a therapist.

The focus of the non-invasive treatment is to connect with your decision-making process. Rather than just talking about feelings and thoughts in general, the therapist pinpoints specific situations. These are usually occasions when you would abuse a substance. From there, you then work backward to walk through your feelings, thoughts, and actions.

Next, you establish alternative patterns. These are healthy coping mechanisms. They might help with overcoming stress, triggers, or also temptations. Similarly, they are reasonable. You feel confident that you can apply them when this situation arises.

At the heart of cognitive behavioral therapy is an inventory of dysfunctions. Make an honest assessment of where you see problem areas. With this information, you can then recognize what triggers you. Frequently, this step points to other treatment needs.

Examples include:

  • One-on-one talk therapy that lets you focus on reasons for substance abuse
  • Dual diagnosis treatment as a way to deal with mental illness
  • Trauma treatment, which focuses on processing stressful events from the past
  • Dialectical behavior therapy as a tool for regulating your emotions in trigger situations
  • Family therapy to overcome codependency or enablement
  • Experiential therapy that boosts self-esteem and helps you develop healthy interactions with others
  • Nutritional counseling as a tool for getting back on track toward a healthy lifestyle after program graduation

Life and Social Skills Training are Part of Addiction Recovery

Ridgeview Recovery therapists also know that it’s not enough to undergo cognitive behavioral therapy in Corona CA. It’s vital to build on the lessons you learn during this time. From there, you experience personal growth as well as development. A good example is the application of life and social skills training.

As you work on unlearning dysfunctional behaviors, you need to replace them with something. Sometimes, it’s as simple as setting boundaries with peers. You might remove yourself from a situation that could trigger you. Besides that, you practice how you would communicate with peers.

During group therapy, role-playing is an excellent tool. You practice modulating your voice and tone as you wave away a drug. For others, it’s a situation that involves codependency. You work on making changes in your personal interactions.

For each person, cognitive behavioral therapy is unique. Because no two people are alike, their recovery must look different. Therefore, you might talk with someone else in recovery whose treatment is entirely different from your experiences. That’s okay.

What Happens If You Do Nothing?

It’s tempting to pretend that everything’s okay. Maybe you tell yourself that you’ll get around to rehab after you nail down a few things at work. Or perhaps you don’t want to tell your family about your problem until after the kids finish high school. However, did you know that there’s a good chance they already know?

Perhaps you don’t think that rehab’s for men. That’s not true. Ridgeview Recovery provides a drug and alcohol addiction program for men. There are plenty of peers who struggle with chemical dependency and need help.

Because addiction’s a disease, you need to seek out the addiction therapy services that’ll help. This isn’t something you can do on your own. Learn more about cognitive behavioral therapy and how it could help you heal. Connect with Ridgeview Recovery today by dialing 855.463.5505 now.