Facing the reality of your addiction head-on means getting the help you need to make new life choices. These choices include the right type of treatment and addiction therapy services for the future you want. As for other men walking in your shoes, the prospect of entering treatment feels scary to you now. But this decision is the best one you will ever make.

Men from all over California and the western United States get the help and support they need for stable sobriety at Ridgeview Recovery in Corona, California. Everyone at Ridgeview Recovery understands your life journey. Together with your new support system in treatment, you learn what it takes to gain sobriety and how to prevent relapse. Much of that learning and self-discovery takes place in addiction therapy services.

What Addiction Therapy Services Do I Need for Sobriety?

Man discusses his options for addiction therapy services Corona CA offersThe addiction therapy services you need for lasting recovery include a mix of methods. Through a range of therapy types and approaches, you learn more about yourself each day of treatment. This treatment includes learning about your mental health and addiction as well as how the two relate. If you suffered traumatic events in your past, your therapy also helps you see the future in a new light, one with healthy coping skills for sobriety.

At Ridgeview Recovery, the best drug rehab Corona CA offers, your addiction therapy services include:

  • Dual diagnosis treatment
  • Individual counseling
  • Trauma therapy
  • Addiction education
  • DBT, CBT, EMDR, and REBT
  • Art and music expressive therapies
  • Motivational interviewing

Each of these addiction therapy services Corona CA brings its own results. But not all therapies work for all people. So your caring counselors and therapists at Ridgeview Recovery learn about your specific addiction and treatment needs. Through these insights, they construct an individual treatment plan designed just for you and your best chance of lasting recovery.

What Role Does Support Play in Your Treatment at Ridgeview Recovery?

Therapy is not all you need for a future without substance abuse. You also need the support of your sober peers, family, and treatment providers. So at Ridgeview Recovery, you build a circle of support around yourself. You also learn how to support others in their journey.

Your support system includes peers in your treatment program and the addiction therapy services Corona CA offers. In group therapy and other activities, you spend time getting to know these other men who also struggle with drugs or alcohol. You learn from each other, such as how each of you overcome the same life obstacles. Sharing your journey with these men helps you long beyond rehab, as you build some of the best friendships of your life.

Caring treatment professionals also help you through treatment and beyond. At Ridgeview Recovery, certified counselors, professionals and other staff guide you in your day-to-day recovery journey. They also provide guidance when you struggle most, helping you work past hurdles to better days ahead.

Of course, you also need your loved ones around you as you rebuild your life in better health. So your family participates in your addiction therapy services Corona CA provides. They learn about addiction, co-occurring mental illness and how to end the patterns of substance abuse in the family unit. You all work together to fix your relationships and use better communication skills.

Well-Rounded Recovery for Men in Corona, CA

Ending your addiction does not stop with detox and early sobriety. Only through the addiction therapy services Corona CA offers do you learn what it takes to stay sober. This is your biggest goal, after all, to stay active in recovery and build a better life. So give yourself the best chance for the life you want by getting the therapies and treatments you genuinely need.

Ridgeview Recovery offers multiple levels of care. These programs include:

Put your substance abuse behind you for active recovery through access to the right addiction therapy services. At Ridgeview Recovery in Corona, CA, you rebuild your life and start fresh among other adult men sharing your recovery journey. You can enjoy the productive, happier future you want by getting the support and therapies you need, so start now by calling 855.463.5505.