Ian W. Bloomington, IL

Man in recovery thanks to Ridgeview Recovery Center shares his client testimonials


I had a great time here, the therapists are very beneficial. I learned a lot of knowledge from this place. They have a great staff and are extremely friendly and nice. They have a good cook and a great structured living program. I stayed almost 90 days and it was very satisfying. I recommend this place for people looking for a place to come and work on their recovery. they show their interest and are very involved in their clients and staff. the housing is excellent and it’s a great atmosphere to be in.


Bailey G. Walnutport, PA


As a patient graduating from their program, I will say it was a bumpy start for them being a new treatment facility. As the days went on I saw major improvements in the program! I can definitely say this program has helped me grow and transform my life into a happier, positive, clean, and sober life! – Bailey Grom


Bryden B. Lenexa, KS


First of all, make sure you understand what recovery is and sincerely assess what it means to you.  It is not a vacation.  If you have in mind that you plan to get away to a beautiful place for all its amenities and glory, then

your intentions aren’t to recover.  This place does, in fact, have many great things to offer outside of its recovery curriculum.  I have been to the beach, movies, bowling, on a mountain trail as well as a small theme park etc….

When I came here I had every intention of turning my life completely around.  I had no idea how long it would take but was willing to do whatever it took for however long it was going to take.  Through the process, I came across many ‘bumps in the road’ throughout my recovery process.  Expect to be challenged in various ways within each day.  I encourage you to come here expecting change and not expecting what you want.  Because what you have wanted hasn’t been working.

I have always had to learn things the hard way and did just that here.  My patience has increased tenfold and my ability to manage my anger has increased immensely.  I understand my addiction and have gained many tools in order to live life sober.

There will always be frustrations in everything we do, so expect that here.  This is the best place to face challenges.  Moments of adversity clearly show who we really are.  And at those moments rather it is cravings, frustration, anger, anxiety, sadness and so on I am certain that this was the best place for me to be.  Dealing with all that here allowed me to solve current problems without the opportunity to use any kind of drug.  Doing that hear gave me the strength to deal with it anywhere.  I had staff and such to talk with but having my housemates around to vent to and get ideas from was what really helped.  I thrived on group talks but found learning in lectures as well.

So let me put it this way.  If you are REALLY ready to change and if you REALLY are broken and left with nothing, then you should have no problem submitting to recovery as you seek it and allow the people here to provide you with what you need versus what you want.  If recovery was tailored to our liking, then everybody would be doing it.  This process is tough, uncomfortable and will test you in every way.  It will only work if you can look at the bigger picture and find things to learn from in every situation each day.  It’s better to take one good thing from a bad day than walk away empty handed.

Remember that this is about you!  In our addiction we are selfish and that was bad.  Now is the time to be selfish in your recovery.  Focus on you. Search your mind, body, and soul.  Then make a decision.  I hope it leads you here because it changed my life.  For the first time in 19 years and I am excited about my life and the road ahead.

*These reviews are courtesy of Yelp.com