When it comes to addiction treatment, the team behind you can make a world of difference in your recovery. While the proper substance abuse treatment programs and modalities are important, without a knowledgeable and compassionate medical team, the effectiveness of your treatment could suffer. At Ridgeview Recovery Center our addiction treatment staff are experts in their respective fields. Not only are they highly trained but they are constantly catering to every possible need of our clients. We boast an addiction treatment staff of fully licensed clinicians and trained behavioral techs. Meet the team at Ridgeview Recovery Center:


Dr. Randall Turner

Medical Director

Sanjai Thankachen

Facility MD

Sophia Morelli, LCSW, LAADC, DBTC

Program Director


Jody Pike, BHT
Ron Coleman, BHT
Maria Moredia, BHT
Jack Linos, BHT
Jonathan McClellan, BHT


Jazmine Ramirez, LVN

Let our team of experts bring you out of the darkness of addiction and into recovery! Enroll in Ridgeview Recovery Center today by calling 855.463.5505. You could be living the happy, sober life you’ve only imagined in not time at all!