Our Mission and Vision

Man outside who is happy he learned about Ridgeview Recovery CenterAt Ridgeview Recovery our mission is to assist men seeking services for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction in obtaining the skills necessary to live a clean and sober life using evidence-based clinical treatment practices, modalities, and services by productively engaging the guests and their families in a structured, professional, and sober environment. What is different about Ridgeview Recovery Center’s substance abuse treatment programs is they work to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of men suffering from addiction by engaging their individualized clinical needs and empowering guests with valuable coping and living skills during their treatment stay. Having access to professionals within the addiction treatment industry will help guests by engaging, challenging, and helping them flourish in their sobriety.

Our objective for clinical treatment is for our team and guests to work collaboratively in a manner that is encouraging, balanced, structured, and long lasting. Additionally, the objective of the programming and operations staff is to encourage the involvement of loved ones and family members, as it is imperative in providing the support structure needed for lasting sobriety when discharging from our program. It is the primary objective of this organization, that each guest that attends our program will be adequately supported within a treatment team environment, attend clean and sober structured programming, and receive clinically appropriate individualized treatment from certified substance abuse counselors and mental health professionals utilizing evidence-based treatment modalities.